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Anja Recke - Quality Translations from English to GermanMy name is Anja Sommavilla and I am looking forward to drum up your enthusiasm for my translation services on this website!

Even though, I never pictured myself as a translator, the foundation for my future career was laid very early on in my life so that it soon became obvious were my passion would lead me to.

After growing up in a small town in Northern Germany, my urge to explore the world was huge; and along with that urge came my interest for the English language.

As a consequence, I went to live in the United States as a young student. Once there, I was able to gain valuable first experiences in English linguistics. But while I was building a solid basis for my English skills during that time, my years at university in the British town of Cambridge were the ones that significantly enhanced my professional development.

Even later, when I was making the first experiences in the corporate world, I was able to continuously develop my English skills. It was also during that time that I made my first steps as a translator.

While I was able to deepen my knowledge of the English language working for the marketing department of a professional sports club in New Zealand, it was my role at an internationally operating company in Germany that sparked my interest for the work as a translator and significantly developed my expertise in this sector.

Besides communicating with customers from all over the world, translations of documents of every description were part of my daily responsibilities.

Since I had great fun doing that, I have decided to follow my passion independently and to apply my experiences in such a way that I can support my customers to successfully realise their projects with the help of my translations.

For me, a decision based on a long developed passion and, at the same time, a very fulfilling task!

I am very much looking forward to support your project with my translations!

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