No two translations are exactly alike, which is why the total price is based on different parameters and determined according to your requirements and specifications.

Primarily, the price is calculated according to the length of your text and the number of words it contains. However, this price can vary depending on the translation, as the following factors are also important for the calculation:

  • Degree of difficulty and subject area
  • Urgency of your assignment
  • Format, in which the text is provided
  • Additional formatting or adaptations

Therefore, a flat price does not exist, but I am very happy to provide you with an individual and precise quotation for your translation.

In order for me to do this, please simply send your text as attachment via email or use the provided contact form. Please also state your requested delivery date and further requirements. I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

I am looking forward to receive your message!

Please note

Not only are all texts translated completely manual and without the help of any machine translations, they are also based on thorough research and well chosen wording. In any case, sufficient time and passion will be invested into every single assignment in order to create a high-quality translation for you.

I am happy to provide you with a translation within a shorter time period that is created under the exact same quality standards. Usually, this is possible for less comprehensive texts with a limited number of words and will be considered in the price calculation.

Please send me an email so that I can assess individually whether the realisation of your translation project will be possible within your requested time frame.

File type
Please provide your text preferably as a Word or Text file. A translation of other file types can often be more time-consuming or labour-intensive, which will then be reflected in the final price calculation.

Degree of difficulty
Some texts require a certain subject-specific vocabulary or are subject to a greater degree of difficulty. For instance, the translation of a technical instruction manual in most cases needs considerably more time, than a generally understandable advertisement. In cases like this, extensive research is necessary in order to provide a precise translation, which is why this factor is also considered for calculating the final price.

Please note that VAT of 19% is calculated in addition to the price of every translation.

Payment for the translation service is normally carried out via SEPA credit transfer. A PayPal transaction is also possible (arising fees when using a PayPal Business Account will be added to the price).